Kallioniemi is a traditional Finnish summer dance pavilion run by the local sports club Korian Ponsi ry. It was originally constructed on the opposite shore of the River Kymi, where the first dance was arranged in 1948. The 1950’s and 1960’s were the golden age for the dance pavilions. In the proximity there were around ten dance pavilions competing for popularity by hiring Finland’s top artists.

At Kallioniemi there was dance evening at least four times a week. In 1966, the dance pavilion was resituated on the opposite, Koria side of the river. The younger generation did not take up old-fashioned dancing in the 1970’s and 1980’s like their parents had. In the 1990’s, a slow revival has led to 2-3 weekly dances at Kallioniemi form May to September every year.

Korian Ponsi is still running the place by team effort and the eventual income is used to arranging sports activities to the members of the club.

In 2004, the club received a grant from EU to fix up Kallioniemi: the floor has been replaced, a balcony has been built and the river shore has been restored to its former state with a "lovers’ path" and a view to the newly-established recreation place the Elimäki municipality has been built on the river shore.

Top artists are lining up again in 2021, welcoming the dancing audience on Fridays from 20 to 1 hrs and on Sundays from 15 to 19 hrs. Moreover, several private occasions will be arranged during the summer months.

Korian Ponsi welcomes you to its traditional-spirited, but modernised dance pavilion.

– Come and Enjoy!